Just Yesterday

Welcome to Just Yesterday: A Text Adventure (a work in progress that really shouldn't be up for public viewing). At any time you may type "help" for a list of possible commands or "restart" to restart the game.

You are standing in an empty cotton field... with no recollection of how you might have ended up here. It's rather windy, and the violent gusts of air send more than just a few shivers down your spine. The Stygian darkness of the sky seems rather unforgiving.

Need help? Try using these commands:
  look around: gives description of current location
  look|examine object: gives description of specified object
  take object: takes the specified object and puts it in your inventory
  inventory: lists everything you are currently carrying
  use object: takes specified object out of inventory to use
  go direction: attempts to travel in direction (north, east, south, west)
NOTE: You may be required to use other commands. Certain objects in your inventory may have special commands.

Commands for your phone:
  check date: checks the current date
  check messages: checks for new messages
NOTE: To view this menu again, type "help phone".